Bassics Tone Ranger Pre-Amp Pedal

Bassics Tone Ranger Pre-Amp Pedal


The Bassics Pre-Amp pedal offers extra benefits over most other floor re-amps.  It not only has two switchable separate inputs, but they can be combined in ‘mix mode’ so you can plug two instruments in at the same time and control each level, making it ideal for using with two instruments. It also has a studio-grade balanced DI output plus a headphone jack so it can be used as for practising.

The new Bassics pedals all have the unique feature in that they will work with any power supply from 9-18 volts, A.C. or D.C. and any polarity.

Fantastic range of individual looking pedals that stand out from the crowd and have a price point that represents super value.  Light up control knobs onstage aid the easy adjustment and look so good!

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