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Marco Bass TFL4 Bass Guitar


Marco Bass High Gloss TFL 4  – Mike Brooks from BGM visited us a few weeks ago to do some reviews, these were the stand out basses from the day, he has a huge collection of basses but will be adding one of these shortly.

From his humble beginnings in Brazil carving bass bodies using broken coke bottles (the only tool he had available) to his time heading repairs for a large Japanese guitar factory, Marco Cortes has developed his unique take on building guitars and basses that sound as incredible as they feel.

“Many factories can build a comfortable instrument. I want my guitars to go beyond comfort. I want them to feel right in your hands. I want them to be an extension of you, to anticipate your touch and your movement. No machine can possibly understand the relationship between artist and tool” says Marco, who as a player himself knows exactly how an instrument should feel and respond.

Marco’s human touch also applies to his unique hand-wound pickups that deliver the response of active pickups with the soulful, natural sound of passive.

Refining a classic even further, the TFL Series is Marco Cortes’ personal take on a J-style bass. The neck feels familiar, yet modern. Marco’s signature hand-wound single coils deliver massive punch, ultra-clean highs, and plenty of low-end growl. This bass begs to be played!

In stock exclusively at the Great British Lounge and available today this Unique American made Alder bodied TFL 4 was built for us and we are very pleased with it! High Gloss finish on a traditional brown / red burst base.

We have asked three extremely talented players to try this bass and give their opinions, below are their comments.

DC (Birmingham) “it’s like an old pair of slippers that I have had for years, just feels right”

JJ(Derby) “this feels like it has been made for me, I will have to consider selling a bass to think more serious about this”

WS(Congleton) “I could happily go gigging tonight with this bass no problem at all”

The output from the hand wound pickups is astonishing and really needs to be heard. Everyone will ask so we will save you the time “how much” £1575 includes hard case for an all American handmade bass with brilliant playability and sound. Unique to the Great British Bass Lounge

Give us a call on  07933251115 and come and try for yourself

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Marco Bass








Brown burst high gloss






Marco hand wound pickups with Marco volume / tone controls


Hipshot original and licensed own brand




Fitted hard case

Neck & Scale

Maple Neck
34.5″ (88 cm)c scale