In a couple of days time we’ll be running a series of Auctions (on the Facebook Page and on the website) on certain items. Very simply, a series of auctions will run for a specified time and the highest bidder will secure the item. There will be a ‘Reserve’ price on each item and only bids at or above that starting price will be considered. Watch this space.

Wer’e down to 16 basses, a few items of amplification, 2 or 3 FX pedals, strings and a few general accessories (straps, straplocks, hardware.

I am also going to start ‘pruning’ my own personal bass collection and so, certain of my own basses will appear for sale here on Facebook and on the GBBL website. These will be personal sales (ie not through GBBL) although folk will still be able to pay by card if thats their preference.

If anyone wants to know in advance what’s likely to be up for grabs, inc prices, please contact me (07837-011889 or through Facebook).

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