#17 MESA/BOOGIE Walkabout Scout 1×15 Combo


Handbuilt in California, USA… it’s a head, it’s a combo.. it’s BOTH! Either way, the tone is HUGE! 2 minutes with a screw driver and you can detach the head and use it as a separate with other cabs so we’re talking versatility here. This may not be the cheapest 1×15? combo on the market but if it isn’t the best and the baddest then we want to know what is! (view full spec)

List price: £2300
Was: £1899
Day 1 Price: £1750
Day 2 Price: £1675
Day 3 Price
: £1599
Day 4 Price: £1540
Day 5 Price: £1499
Returned to stock price


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