GBBL has just taken delivery of the following new Sandberg basses including both new ELECTRA models.

– California VM5 (quilted maple top on mahogany body, gold hardware, rosewood fingerboard)

– California TM5 (Matt tobacco sunburst european ash body, maple fingerboard)

– California  TM4 (Natural swamp ash body, rosewood fingerboard)

– 48 4 string (Matt redburst with black hardware, rosewood fingerboard)

– Electra TT4 (hi-gloss creme with Tortoise pickguard, maple fingerboard, black neck binding)

– Electra VM4 (hi-gloss creme with Tortoise pickguard, maple fingerboard, black neck binding)

All these basses are offered at current prices ahead of the increase due on 1st February. Get in touch to buy or try (the usual photos/specs will be added to the website shortly).


New RICs are now coming in on a regular basis. In addition to current stock we will be taking delivery of two Jetglo’ 4003’s in mid-October. Our recent Facebook post has resulted in several expressions of interest and it’s likely that they’ll be in and out fairly quickly. Prices? tba but expect them to be ‘very very competitive’.

Warwick Custom Shop

Check out the latest updates from the Warwick Custom Shop: a stunning fretless NT Thumb with bubinga pommelé top and a Dolphin Pro crafted from AAA flamed ash.

Remember, we can custom order anything from Warwick including a Masterbuilt German creation like these two. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Warwick Custom Shop

The Warwick Custom Shop consistently produces some of the most luxurious and desirable basses in the world.
As you can see from these ‘Making of’ and featured videos, their Masterbuilt instruments are spared no expense in terms of production and are put together with impeccable attention to detail.

The first video is our very own customer, Leo Kelly’s, stunning masterbuilt Streamer Stage II.

If you’re interested in ordering the bass of your dreams get in touch!


We’re going to clarify, against all items on the website, whether each item is in stock or whether it is out of stock but available to re-order.

Out of stock items can normally be re-stocked (as a specific customer order) within 48 hours as long as the UK Distributor for that item has it/them in stock in the UK.

As we gradually wind down our stock, we want to be entirely accurate about what is physically here for immediate purchase/tryout and what isn’t physically here but can be obtained for customers quickly.

Remember, if its a brand we offer and its out of stock, we can get it for you.


After a fair old wait we’ve finally got our hands on some of the brilliant Darkglass (hand made in Finland) Bass Overdrive/tube pedals. Stocking now are the Vintage Microtubes, Microtubes B3K & Vintage Deluxe Pedals. We strongly suspect that one of these may well find its way into Drew’s setup!



After a very fruitful 3 year relationship with Alex and Barefaced, the collabaration is being brought to a close by mutual agreement. We currently have a Big Baby 2, Super Compact & Super Midget in stock with two Retro One10’s (one black grill, one silver) and a Big Twin 2 expected sometime very soon. After that its very much ‘goodnight from me and goodnight from him’!

Big Baby 2
Super Compact
Super Midget
Retro One10
Big Twin 2

Barefaced-Big-Twin-II Barefaced-OneTen


Most of our Sandberg prices are being held at the old prices prior to the recent increases. Our website shows the new RRP/List price for every Sandberg instrument in stock. Anyone who wants to do the maths will see that, in effect, we are offering discounts from 11%-24% against the new prices which represents some serious savings.

Prices for future Sandberg arrivals will reflect the price increases which were in the order of 9%. All Custom orders taken prior to the price increase will be honoured at the prices quoted at the time of order. Ongoing custom orders will be subject to the new prices

As they say… ‘Strike while the iron’s hot!’

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Bass-of-the-Week-PORTAL SandbergCali


We’re showcasing two very different basses….both ‘classic’ basses but very different beneath the skin.

The Fender ’58 Relic P-Bass was a limited edition run for NAMM 2005 and only 10 pieces came to the UK costing around two and half grand each. Its entirely ‘period accurate’ (including its tone) and is the nearest most of us will come to experiencing what it was like to play an actual 58 Precision. This one is fitted with flats…as you might expect!



The Valenti is an evolved, 5 string Jazz bass which plays and sounds like what it is – a modern instrument! Its not surprising that it embodies much Sadowsky DNA given that luthier, Nuno Valenti, worked with Roger Sadowsky in New York for several years. These basses are handbuilt in very small numbers from top quality materials and components and they very rarely come back onto the market so here’s your chance….