After a very fruitful 3 year relationship with Alex and Barefaced, the collabaration is being brought to a close by mutual agreement. We currently have a Big Baby 2, Super Compact & Super Midget in stock with two Retro One10’s (one black grill, one silver) and a Big Twin 2 expected sometime very soon. After that its very much ‘goodnight from me and goodnight from him’!

Big Baby 2
Super Compact
Super Midget
Retro One10
Big Twin 2

Barefaced-Big-Twin-II Barefaced-OneTen


Sandberg California TT4

A ‘Jazz’ bodied active/passive Sandberg in ‘Geddy Lee’ livery with a sublime neck. This bass is already heavily discounted so this auction will be a ‘quickie’. List price on a new one…£1574 (the block inlays are a near-200 quid upgrade!)

Day 1 price: £1149 (Was £1195. List 1574.)
Day 2 price: £1099 (Was £1195. List 1574.)
Day 3 price: £1060 (Was £1195. List 1574.)



G&L USA Custom Shop L-2500

Day 1 Price: £1599 (Was £1699. List £2238)
Day 2 Price: £1535 (Was £1699. List £2238.)
Day 3 Price: £1475 (Was £1699. List £2238.)
Day 4 Price: £1399 (Was £1699. List £2238.)
Day 5 Price: £1349 (Was £1699. List £2238.)
Returned to stock 

3rd up is this L-2500 in ‘Butterscotch’ which is a premier finish (ie, an upgrade). Leo Fender designed, super-versatile and with a comprehensive 10 year warranty and certificate signed by Leo’s widow, Phylis Fender. Click on the title above for further info and spec. (not to be confused with the Asian-built G&L Tribute basses). You can’t buy these anywhere else in the UK!




Day 1 Price: £899 (was £999 \ list £1250)
Day 2 Price: £859 (was £999 \ list £1250)
Day 3 Price: £819 (was £999 \ list £1250)
Day 4 Price: £780 (was £999 \ list £1250)
Day 5 Price: £750 (was £999 \ list £1250)
Returned to stock price.

Second up in our Reverse Auction is another bit of high-end kit from Phil Jones… the very hard to find 12B cab which runs down to 3ohms. Our day 1 offer price of £899 represents an almost 30% saving on the list price.

This Reverse Auction could last anywhere between 1 and 7 days… you won’t know until it sells from under your nose or is returned to stock at £999. If ya snooze ya looze!!!!!

Contact Drew to purchase: / 07837 011 889




Day 1 Price: £1529 (was £1569 \ list £2010)
Day 2 Price: £1499 (was £1569 \ list £2010)
Day 3 Price: £1399 (was £1569 \ list £2010)
Day 4 Price: £1359 (was £1569 \ list £2010)
Day 5 Price: £1299 (was £1569 \ list £2010)
Day 6 Price: £1265 (was £1569 \ list £2010)
Day 7 Price: £1199 (was £1569 \ list £2010)
Returned to stock price

We’re starting high-end here folks with a handbuilt British bass built by London luthier Andrew Taylor-Cummings. We thought it was already temptingly priced at £1569 but clearly not – you folk really do want the shirt off our backs!

If the item doesn’t sell in this auction, over the next few days it will be ‘returned to stock’ at its original higher price and the opportunity to buy at a seriously discounted price will have been missed!

Contact Drew to purchase: / 07837 011 889


The Great GBBL Reverse Auction’


Having run out of space for new arrivals and having a lot of money tied up in stock ‘hanging around’, we’ve come up with a plan. Here’s how it will work:

Starting on Wednesday 5th October we’ll be offering a product (could be a bass, an amp or an accessory) at a reduced price (keep your eye on the website homepage or our Facebook page). That price will then be REDUCED further each day over a period of a few days…it could be 3 days, 5 days or more…you won’t know. If you see something you fancy, at a price you fancy – jump in. Or you can wait and see if there’s a further price drop but risk losing out to someone else. Remember …IF YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOZE!!!!!

Items that don’t sell will simply be returned to their original price so the opportunity has been missed. Once an item has sold or been ‘returned to stock’ another item will take its place. Should be fun!



Most of our Sandberg prices are being held at the old prices prior to the recent increases. Our website shows the new RRP/List price for every Sandberg instrument in stock. Anyone who wants to do the maths will see that, in effect, we are offering discounts from 11%-24% against the new prices which represents some serious savings.

Prices for future Sandberg arrivals will reflect the price increases which were in the order of 9%. All Custom orders taken prior to the price increase will be honoured at the prices quoted at the time of order. Ongoing custom orders will be subject to the new prices

As they say… ‘Strike while the iron’s hot!’

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Bass-of-the-Week-PORTAL SandbergCali


We’re showcasing two very different basses….both ‘classic’ basses but very different beneath the skin.

The Fender ’58 Relic P-Bass was a limited edition run for NAMM 2005 and only 10 pieces came to the UK costing around two and half grand each. Its entirely ‘period accurate’ (including its tone) and is the nearest most of us will come to experiencing what it was like to play an actual 58 Precision. This one is fitted with flats…as you might expect!



The Valenti is an evolved, 5 string Jazz bass which plays and sounds like what it is – a modern instrument! Its not surprising that it embodies much Sadowsky DNA given that luthier, Nuno Valenti, worked with Roger Sadowsky in New York for several years. These basses are handbuilt in very small numbers from top quality materials and components and they very rarely come back onto the market so here’s your chance….



Due to the slump of the Pound post-BREXIT, the inevitable has happened and the price of imported goods has had to increase. All non-UK Bass and amp prices have increased by an average of 8-9% and newly arriving stock is affected. However, existing stock (while it lasts) will be held at pre-referendum prices so these products now offer even better value for money so grab ’em while you can!