Fender Deluxe Precision Bass USA

Pre owned all American Fenders



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An all black bodied American Deluxe Jazz bass is now hanging on the peg waiting to be shipped to the next American dreamer, great condition used but certainly not abused. Just about half price of a new one for this versatile USA deluxe jazz, full set of pics and details here  Fender American Deluxe J Bass

Just in case the J Bass is not for you then we have a Precision Deluxe USA bass in stock as well, very nice indeed. Best of both worlds, will thump out P Bass all day long but switch to real jazzy tones at the turn of dial. £1000 less than a new bass of this stature today. Almost indistinguishable from new ! Fender American Deluxe P Bass

Both in Fender SKB cases


Blackstar Unity 500 Bass Amplifier

Blackstar Unity Bass amps take a seat in the lounge


Launched earlier this year at NAMM the new unity bass amp range is proving to be a big hit at every level, we have them in stock and ready try out for yourself. Ultimate tonal flexibility – From valve inspired growl to high headroom clean• Unique Response control – 3 power amp stages to shape compression and feel. Supplied with the foot pedal in the box. At £575 they stand head and shoulders above anything else in the price point. We read review after review saying how good these amps really are. Its a gamble to introduce a traditional style combo when it seems the small head and cabs are in the mainstream right now, but when the combo costs less than the head shy wouldn’t you give them a try.

Some of the key controls and inbuilt “extras”

• Drive section – 3 overdrives (Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz) with user-controllable blend

• Compressor and effects – Chorus and Sub-Octave

• Pro connectivity – balanced XLR, jack or USB are perfect for live, studio and home use

• Unity Bass Series Active Cabinet – connect to any amp in the Unity Bass Series for 250W of extra power